5 things menstrual pad can also be used for

4 things menstrual pad can also be used for

Pads are not only used for menstruation, here are 4 things pads can also be used for.

Pad is one of the most important items for women, and as a woman I can tell you that, they are a woman's enemy because they are needed during the time of the month that most women hate.

Pads are sanitary products used by women during their monthly periods in order to, keep the menstrual blood from staining their clothes.

There are many brands of pads in the market today, and different women have their preferred choices when it comes to selecting pads for their periods.

Pads are essentially made out of materials that absorbs and stores liquid and moisture, which is why pads are used for so many purposes, some of which includes;

1. As Bandage: 

Whenever you have injury or someone around you has an injury, which requires bandaging and there is no availability of it around, you can use pad as a substitute.

Simply remove the pad from it's pack and place it on the wound. The pad will absorb all the blood until the bleeding stops.

2. Pads Can Be Used To Stop Sweat From Showing Through Your Shirts: 

Some people sweat alot that no matter what they wear, the sweat will end up showing on their clothes which could be embarrassing, sometimes.

And you can agree with me that, sweats are a very natural way of staining your clothes because they usually leave a map when they dry.

However, pads can help you solve this problem. Simply take a pad out if it's pack, then carefully place the sticky part on the armpit of your shirt, this will ensure that the absorbent part of the pad will be directly on your armpit, thereby absorbing every sweat you produce.

3. Pads Can Be Used As Freshener For Your Wardrobe And Drawers: 

Wardrobes and drawers are two of the things that are kept closed most of the times, as a result of constantly being closed out to air, wardrobes and drawers become more prone to having an unpleasant odour.

But to make your drawers and wardrobes to have a pleasant smell always, simply pour perfume on the absorbent part of the pad and place in your drawer and wardrobe.

4. Pads Can Be Used For Removing Make Up And Nail Polish: 

Normally, women use cotton wool and make up remover to clean their make up. Also when a women wants to remove her nail polish she uses nail polish dissolver and cotton wool.

Just like cotton wool is soft and gentle to the skin, so is the middle layer of a pad. So in the absence of cotton wool, simply take the Inner part of a pad and pour the nail polish dissolver or make up remover on it and gently clean off your make up or your nail polish.

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