Meet Kenyan Governor who doesn't care about his Looks

Meet Kenyan Governor who doesn't care about his Looks, see surprising photos

Cyprian Achilaus Otieno Awiti, who is the Governor of Homa Bay County in Kenyah has kept people talking about his mode of dressing.

The society look up to leaders and follow their part so one should be careful in all aspects so as to send a good message.

Appearing attractive and neat means you respect your values and the people are are leading.

Just as every profession has its code of dressing, leaders also are expected to show perfect example.

He has been laughed at and mocked but he seem not to care about what people think or say. His pictures has surfaced on the internet questioning his dress code

While many people believe that he should forget about fashion and face his duties and responsibilities.

Many have praised his efforts as a Governor and ignore his way of dressing because it is less important.

Kenya governor Cyprian Achilaus Otieno Awiti

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