I entered my elder brother's room, here Is what I saw on his bed, please what should I do?

I entered my elder brother's room, here Is what I saw on his bed, please what should I do?

Read below as it was sent to us

Good day everyone, am by name of Samuel Sallau I base in Kaduna with my parents and my two siblings. Well, there is something I saw this morning as I walked into my brother's room to pick my charger which has been a concern to me so I decided to share it here to get your information.

My elder brother who lives in Lagos state came to visit us and spend some days with us before he goes back to Lagos, he came home 3 days ago, and ever since he came, he has not been outside to gist along with us, he always claims to be sleeping in his room and does not allow anyone come to the room to see him.

This morning, after mom and dad called us for morning devotional prayers, we all came out with my big brother who visits us, then I decided to used the opportunity to walk into his room to pick up my phone charger, because he doesn't allow me to go into his room talk more to pick the charger.

When I walked in, I saw his laptop and other phones on the bed but there is something else I saw that got me thinking. Have a look at the photos below.

As you can see, there is an Apple laptop, an iPad, iPhone 11, and other smartphones kept together, with a package of oil, two different colors candle with a manual.

I became surprised and confused at that moment, but I only know what he uses these things for, and I don't want to inform my parents, for now, that's y I shared it here to know your thoughts on this.

Well, as for me I think he us to a ritual activity but am not sure about it yet because whenever he comes back home, we always see him with lots of money spending it on us and his giving it out to his childhood friends that makes me think he is not clean and here is another evidence am having with me.

Please help me out what do you think he uses this thing for?

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