When you reach 40 years as a woman, here are six things that will happen to your body

When you reach 40 years as a woman, here are six things that will happen to your body

Forty is an exceptional landmark age for many. When you hit this age, it is advisable to begin taking your health and lifestyle more seriously. This is due to the fact that your body becomes easily prone at this age to certain age related sickness and diseases.

This are six things that happen to your body as a woman when you clock forty.

1. Reduced metabolism

Your body's ability to process and digest food naturally decreases. So you should avoid eating as carelessly as you may have been used to. This will stop you from gaining extra pounds which you don't need at this age.

2. You are prone to dental problems

Due to your age, saliva production reduces quite a bit. This causes dry mouth, which in turn results in cavities and dental problems. So expect this and be mindful of it.

3. Weakened bones

At this age, your bones slowly but surely begin to lose strength, this is why you should make sure you have a diet rich in vitamin D and calcium.

4. Pregnancy issues

If you happen to get pregnant at this age, it is likely to come with a number of complications. So take your doctors appointments really seriously.

5. Health issues

You become highly susceptible to a number of diseases. So imbibe a healthy lifestyle. Be on a good diet, exercise and go for check-ups regularly.

6. Reduced libido

You will most likely experience a significant drop in your libido and also a reduction in fertility as well. So expect this.

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