What your feet says about your Character and Personality

What your feet says about your Character and Personality

For ages, People have used horoscopes or zodiac signs, body marks to understand the personality trait and character of others even without talking to them.

Others include reading the fine lines on the Palm.

Based on religious beliefs many do not believe in such Body or Birth signs.

Whatever your opinion or belief may be about the way this features in every individual reveal specific traits, there are People who believe in this and it has been an amazing experience for them meeting and understanding People when they read or watch out for these signs.

In some part of tthe World, this signs help them to determine whether a Partner is suitable for Marriage or not.

The following are different Character and Personality trait the feet may show or portray in an individual.

1) The Roman Toe - (see image above) This shape indicates that you are the kind of person whose intellectual prowess is nearly unmatched.

Your thirst for knowledge only brings out your artistic abilities, giving you the power to see the beauty in everything.

As a result, though you are an idealist, you see the best in people no matter who they are and are kind to those that others turn away from .

Sometimes, this can lead others to attempt taking advantage of you but your wit keeps you from being conned much. With your partner, you are a true romantic and believe in matching with them both physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

It's being in sync with their thoughts and emotions too that make you such a great lover.

2) German Toe- German toe means you are hard-working, thorough and strong-willed. Because of that, there is an aura of humility that surrounds you, making you one of the most approachable types of people.

Stable and secure, you have a realistic view of the world and others know you as someone who can be relied on.

They also know you can be blatantly honest and not everyone can handle that, but they at least appreciate it because they know that lies are not a part of your personality. And that transfers even into your relationships.

You're an honest and trustworthy partner, making sure that you don't forget the needs of your partner. And because you love so whole-heartedly and are usually easy-going, there are very few conflicts that occur in your relationship.

3) Egyptian Toe - When it comes to expressing yourself, you rarely care about what others think about you, unwilling to let anyone try to bring you down or make you feel ashamed of yourself.

There are days you just want to ground yourself and just take in the peace but that's just to recharge before your next adventure. With your partner, you need someone who is like you and is ready to take on a challenge and enjoy the journey you take together.

Discovering new things about each other and the relationship is one of the best parts of the bond you both have.

4) Greek Toe - You are known to be Creative, innovative, out-of-the-box — these are the words that are usually associated with you.

You see the world in a different light from others, something that allows you to see past the masks that others put on in front of you.

Usually an excellent judge of people's true character, your intelligence shines through and attracts people to you.

People come to you when they need a leader because they know you can do it with grace and authority. Sometimes, this can get to be a bit too much for you to handle, but you manage to pull yourself up and get past it. And your partner is just as attracted to these qualities as others are.

But what they love more is your ability to constantly surprise them by letting them see different sides to you.

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