Meet the ugliest woman in the world who turned down 20 marriage proposals

Meet the ugliest woman in the world who turned down 20 marriage proposals because the men were poor

A woman by the name, Julia Pastrana suffered from a rare genetic condition which made hair grow and cover her whole face.

Her condition left her with no choice but to perform circuses as a freak of nature.

The woman's born place and day are not known but it is believed that she was born in 1834 to a tribe known as the Root Diggers or the Primate Caveman Hybrid of the American Indian. She has no records of her birth certificates or baptism.

Reports state that she secretly married her manager, Theodore Lent, in the 1850s.

She herself had confirmed in an interview with the press that, she had turned down and refused 20 marriage proposals because the men were incompetent to take care of her. They were financially unstable.

Julia Pastrana died in 1860 after giving birth to her only son with the similar genetic disorder who got to live for only a few days.

In the 1854, there was an advertisement that was published by the New York Times which stated that, Julia Pastarana was the link between mankind and the ourange-outang.

Her husband, Theodore Lent, used to call her "bear woman". In the mid of 19th century, she was popularly known as "the ugliest woman in the world".

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