Instead of Congratulations, their traditional wedding photos sparked off reactions online

Instead of Congratulations, their traditional wedding photos sparked off reactions online 

When someone's wedding photos surface online, Congratulations is the normal comments we expect to see. But in this case, People are not even bothered about how their comments will affect the poster. They commented what is in their mind without mincing words. 

A facebook user identified as Chinonso Michael, took to social media to wish a newly married couple a happy married life as he shared stunning photos from the traditional marriage ceremony. The photos shared on social media stirred up mixed reactions after people saw the faces of the lovely bride and "groom".

Without digressing, the photos of this couple has so far sparked lots of reactions as the bride was spotted giving a glass of palm wine to the "supposed" groom 

Facebook users quickly took to the comment sections to wish the couple a happy married life, speculations were that the bride in question might have been pressured into the marriage based on age differences judging from their appearance. Others who commented also speculated that the actual groom couldn't be present for the occasion due to unforeseen circumstances and probably told the elderly man who might be the groom's father to stand-in for him.

- Do you think it's acceptable that a groom should be represented by another person in his traditional marriage while absent due to unavoidable reasons?.

- Another question, for the elderly man who was supposedly standing-in for another person, is it right for the bride to also drink from the same palm wine cup the supposed groom also drank from as seen in the photos below?

As seen above, the bride also drank from the supposed "acting" grooms' cup.

However, these photos have seriously gotten people talking on Facebook. 

Here are some comments which also highlighted the mixed reactions expressed above.

Let's know what you think about this in the comment section below.

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