How to get rid of cockroaches from your home forever

How to get rid of cockroaches from your home forever 

Put this secret ingredient in your home and cockroaches will run away forever

This is according to a lady who got rid of cockroaches in her home.

Read her below 

A few days later, I was discussing with a friend when she told me cockroaches also dealt with her until she found a solution to the problem. She told me and I sprung into action.

I went to the market and got this ingredient then waited till evening to use it.

When it got dark, I brought out the ingredient: lemon and cut it in two. I got a bowl of water and a wash cloth and squeezed some drops of this lemon into the water. I then proceeded to start cleaning every kitchen surface with it.

When I was done, I squeezed a few more drops of the lemon into the corners of the room, then went to sleep. In the night I snuck back to the kitchen and there was no single cockroach in sight. I gave a big smile.

You see, cockroaches hate the smell of lemon; it repels them. If you put it in a place, they will avoid that place like a plague.

You can make use of natural lemon, lemon essential oil or any cleaning powder that has a lemon fragrance. So long as it has a lemon smell, cockroaches will avoid your home.

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