What a man found inside his house that chased him out in the middle of the night

What a man found inside his house that chased him out in the middle of the night 

A man in Bukhulunya village in Kakamega county today woke up to a scary scene after he discovered that termites were all over his house. The termites had covered most parts of the house and even reached his roof. The man identified as Mr. Shikhaya said he had woken up after he felt an urge to answer the call of nature. It was then that he realized that the termites were all over the floor and had even built termite mounds.

When asked what could have led to the incident, Mr. Shikhaya responded by saying that he has many enemies who do not want him to succeed. Mr. Shikhaya said that he survives on manual work after having lost his job in June due to the current pandemic that has rendered many others jobless. Since then he said that he had begun to save some money so that he would raise capital to start a hotel and a posho mill in the market center.

''Nashuku kuna mtu anajaribu kuniroga ndio ananitumia hawa wadudu kwa nyumba yangu.'' (''I suspect that someone is attempting witchcraft on me, and that is why these termites are infesting my house.'') Villagers were drawn to the place and were also shocked. They described the incident as uncommon saying that it would require some divine intervention to clear the termites which are not common in the area. To justify his claims, the man said that his immediate neighbours' houses had not been infested by the termites.

It still remains a mystery why he was the only person who was affected but the fact is that he may have to evacuate to a better place or else the entire house will be filled with termite mounds.

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