Stop sleeping with mirrors facing your bed, beware of number 3

spiritual effects of mirror

Stop sleeping with mirrors facing your bed, beware of number 3

Did you know that, Mirror is a portal to the other realm? Have you ever wondered why mirrors don't lie? A spirit can never hide from a mirror. If there is a spirit in a room, the mirror must surely expose it. There are many facts about mirrors, but today, we are only concentrating on why you shouldn't allow your mirror facing opposite direct your bed. Continue reading below 

1. You struggle with sleeping. 

Apparently, mirrors take away all your energy, and takes away your ability to sleep. Mirrors apparently bounce energy that is needed for your body to relax and sleep.  

Stop sleeping with mirrors facing your bed

2. Scares you.  

Apparently, your soul leaves your physical body whilst you sleep.

If the mirror is above facing your bed, your soul might get startled, resulting in you getting nightmares. 

3. Still on the spectrum of getting scared, when you wake up in the middle of the night, foggy from sleep, you might startle yourself.

You obviously don't want to scare yourself into a heart attack .

4. Open spiritual portals

Mirrors reflect and opens portals into the spiritual portals. In you having a mirror facing your bed as you sleep, you are inviting sinister energies into your bedroom. It is also cautioned that mirrors should not face each other. 


5. If you do have a mirror in your bedroom, its best you remove it to a more general area. If you cannot , simply cover the mirror with something as you sleep.

dangers of mirror

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