She was told to get rid of her baby - The story of woman who gave birth at 66

She was told to get rid of her baby - The story of woman who gave birth at 66

Sometimes things that happen in our world don't have a logical explanation, this won't be listed but children born very late in life should be included.

A great woman, who in addition to having given birth at 66 had to endure many unpleasant situations. She had to deal with the unflattering opinions of others and fight against all those who told her it was simply impossible. 

The woman's name is Adriana and she did gave birth to a baby late in life. It just so happen that she was lonely all her life but like most women she dreamed of having a child and getting to be someone's mother. Years went by and she realized that she might probably never get you be a mother but one day when she was already 66 years old she found out that faith has decided to give her a chance after all.

She became pregnant, due to her age she was immediately told that her body won't be able to hold the pregnancy. During her pregnancy, she was often told to have an abortion, every single person from relatives to all those she barely knew. They all told her to get rid of the baby.


It turned out that Adriana didn't want to get an abortion and didn't even want to think about it. She definitely kept the child and no matter how hard they try discourage her, the woman didn't change her decision.

However, a little girl was born. Adriana gave birth to a completely healthy child without any complications. And this event marked a beginning of a new stage in her life. The woman had to raise the child on her own and provide for the baby, not every young women can handle this pressure. The woman did not give up nor did she regret her decision for once. The old lady surrounded her baby with love and care. 

The little girl was growing cheerfully and didn't suspect her mother was different from other mothers in any way. Everyone assumed that Adriana was her grandmother because most of her body was covered in wrinkles due to her age, Everyone was surprised at such an adult Mother.

The little girl never complained of being bullied because of her mother's age. Many actually thought 66 years is too big of an age difference between a mother and child. But looking at the cheerful pictures of these two, this isn't true at all. Adriana was able to become not only her child best friend, always supportive and understanding but also a good mother.

years had passed since she gave birth to her daughter, she's very healthy, active and cheerful than many of her peers. the woman wishes to see her grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

The girl isn't ashamed of having such an adult Mother because she understands that she's her most dear person in the whole world.

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