See what happened to the man who spent 20M to look like female tiger

Dennis Avner human tiger tattoo

See what happened to the man who spent 20M to look like female tiger

His name was Dennis Avner, he was from the United States of America and his story was just as bizarre as he looked.

Dennis Avner human tiger tattoo

Born on August 27th 1958 in Flint City of Genesee county, Michigan State, Dennis Avner was a navy man who fell victim of his desire to look like a female tiger and took it to an astonishing level that no one could've imagined.

According to reports, Avner left his job as a Sonar technician in the navy in 1981 to work as a computer programmer and technician but his feelings for the female tiger made him desire to look like one.

For that transformation journey, he started by getting himself tattooed in the face to look like a tiger while living in California where he had moved after his navy job and he progressively drove himself into resembling a female tiger.

In total, it's reported that he underwent 14 surgical procedures and received dozens of tattoos at an estimated cost of $200,000 which converts to Ksh 20 million.

He then started calling himself 'Stalking Cat' after attaining his goal.

He had no children of himself and the only family he knew was that of his friend whom he lived with even moving with them to Washington State in 2005.

Unfortunately, the 2007-9 Global Financial Meltdown was hard on millions of Americans and his friend kicked him out in 2007 when he was 49 years old due to the economic crisis.

He then moved to Nevada State where he lived for five years until committing suicide on November 5th 2012 in his garage.

He died a lonely man.

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