See how we innocently invite snakes into our homes without knowing

See how we innocently invite snakes into our homes without knowing it

Snakes fall under reptiles and they wander around in search of food and hiding places.

Snakes fall under most fearful creatures, but they really fear humans. They only strike and take off immediately when they are threatened. Funny thing about snakes is that, they don't have a specific home, instead they operate under territories. So don't allow your home to fall under their territory.

Read below, the normal things most of us do that can attract snakes into our homes.

1, Congested houses

Snakes are attracted to congested areas.

Be cautious of how you arrange your home, especially if you have a lot of furnitures and things you no longer use. 

The remedy is to dispose them or look for somewhere to store them, so as to reduce congestion.

2, Frequent watering of the garden

Snakes like a wet and cool environment. If the weather is hot and dry, and it happens that you always keep your house garden wet, then you are innocently inviting snakes to take shelter in your garden. 

4, Clear rodents in your homestead

Rodents are the favourite and locally available food that snakes moves around in search off. You need to control rodents by every means possible since they attract snakes. I know you might be wondering how is it possible for snakes to spot your house that is full of rodents? Snakes smell their prey and don't be shocked to meet one in your house.

5, Eggs should be well catered for

If you are a poultry farmer, always know how to keep your eggs, dont allow your birds scatter eggs all over in the compound cause it attracts snakes. In terms of eggs, dispose every bird nest around your home and trim off some shade trees on your compound because snake are very industrious in search of food. 

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