See countries where it is allowed to worship satan in public and how their churches look

See countries where it is allowed to worship satan in public and how their churches look - by Mr Okoye

To Christains and Muslims, Satan is described as evil and the king of darkness, but do you know that, there are people who worship him and there are countries that legalize the worship of Satan?

The Church of Satan was believed to have been founded in 1966. Though, the history of Satanism wasn't really received, but according to Wikipedia, in the Middle Ages, the inquisition of the Satanic Church were attached to the Catholic Church where it was alleged that, various Christian sects performed Satanic rituals.

It was believed that Satanisim spread across Europe to this level because of the conspiracy of witches across Europe and the North American colonies. 

In the late 90's, there were also rumours that a popular French man was a Satanist. Also during that time, Satanism spread across the United Kingdom and America. Though it was believed that the church of Satan expanded, but no one was coming out as a certified Satanic Worshiper.

During the spread, it was believed that Satan worshipers were sexual molesters, killed humans and used them for sacrifices, but there was no proof to justify the claims.

Nowadays, various people and small religious have come to identify themselves as Satanist and perform various practices, though they are very diverse.

However, over the past couple of years, Satanist have come to identify and settle down in various countries like America, England and Colombia. Though the Church of Satan hasn't been categorized as a religion and is so therefore prohibited, they haven't still stoped with their public Satanic activities.

Below are pictures of the first Satanic church located in Colombia.

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