See the closest images of the Sun ever taken and what was found

See the closest images of the Sun ever taken and what was found

With the increasing technology nowadays, things have been made very easy. Day and night, people invent new things. Instead of looking at the sun through a translucent mirror, scientists and researchers have taken a clear picture of the sun using high technology. The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Hawaii was used to take some pictures of the sun. These images showed how the sun looks like and things that sorround the sun.

When asked, the head project's scientist Daniel Muller said that they had never been very near to the sun by the help of a normal camera. When you look at the photos, you will see a yellow brown colour around the sun. This is a layer of individuals cells of plasma moving up and down. Researchers say that they have observed that the atmosphere around the sun is very hot than the surface of the sun. This has always brought a lot of questions but research has showed that the many small events happening all round the sun relesase a lot of energy. This energy then touches the plasma of the sun raising the temperatures in the atmosphere.

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