Osaze Odemwingie apologizes to Peter Okoye for attacking his business

Osaze Odemwingie apologizes to Peter Okoye for attacking his business

Former Super Eagles player, Peter Osaze Odemwingie has apologized to singer Peter Okoye alias Mr P for attacking him on Instagram.

The former West Bromwich Albion and Super Eagles star man, had earlier attacked Peter over his lottery business and also for organizing a dance challenge.

In his post, Osaze accused Peter of robbing people via his lottery business. Peter in his response in a DM he sent to Osaze which he shared online, Peter said the footballer looked sick and needs help He wrote;

Bro i tried to ignore, but I am so disappointed in you! If you are now close to God does not make you to feel others are close to the devil! I own a registered and licensed Lottery platform just like every other individual does both here and abroad. But coming to spill this rubbish just because you feel you are now closer to God! Bro my music never brought you close to this your God in particular! Bro you have been Brainwashed Period! You look sick and you need help? Learn to mind your business and focus on that your God and your life! DISAPPOINTED

Osaze, however, made a video where he apologized for his words.

“I didn’t mean no offence, to be honest. As you offered to pray for me feeling like things aren’t right with me, I thought I will do the favor back because what you sow is what you reap. You pray for me and I pray for you,” he said.

“When I watched your video about the guy that took his mum’s last N500 to gamble, what you are doing is that you are encouraging gambling. Some people win, some people loose. So he went into tears saying his mother is ill, she has cancer, she is on chemotherapy and you asked him why was he crying and he said because he took his mum’s last N500 to buy a ticket. Luckily he won but I believe there are some guys who didn’t win on that day and possibly took their dad’s or mum’s or friend’s last money feeling like they would win because gambling is an addiction.”

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