My firend's fiance and I - episode 1 (Reality story) by Ngozi lovelyn

This story is very important that I share it for every girl out there to learn. This is a reality story. 

I have crazy online friends, who engage in crazy stuffs and are crazy free to share their crazy lifestyle with me and crazily give me the crazy permission to share their crazy lifestyle online but crazily not mention their crazy names. This is crazy. Seriously, a crazy one.

So, get your reading glasses, because you are about to read the crazy lifestyle of one of my online friends. 

The story starts below, as it was shared to me...I'm not going to add nor remove anything.

In life, I believe in going for what you want. I'm living in modern era, where I don't stress my mind trying to fit in into people's opinion about me, I believe in going after what makes my soul happy. 

It all started at GOOFY Palm wine bar, my friend Queen, who got engaged invited us for a casual gathering, so that we can discuss about her wedding and the colour that will suit the occasion and our bridal attire.

Queen got engaged to her heartthrob on 19th September, 2020. She kept gushing over her new fiance and her soon to be husband, but I never met him. Just keep reading my story o, don't slip any part before you accuse me of things you know nothing about.

So, on that faithful day, she invited us to Goofy palm wine bar, I met this guy who was standing by the road, discussing with his fellow guy. My eyes caught a glimpse of his side view and I wowed in admiration. 

His side view caught my attention and my heart wondered who this Angel must be.

"Madam, this is Goofy palm wine bar oo" The tricyclist interrupted my new found fantasy

"Oh, really? It's very close to the junction, I should have trekked" I said, searching for 50 naira to give him. 

"But your money is 500" the tricyclist replied, facing my side, looking at my hand, as I searched for 50 naira to give him.

But, I pretended not to hear what he said.

"Here is your money" I said, extending the 50 naira to him

"Madam, I said your your money is 500 naira" and he repeated the same nonsense to my hearing 

"What nonsense are you talking about? Something that is not even far. Is it not that junction that I'm seeing from here? I would have trekked if I had known that the place is very close. Abeg, take your money" I maintained my ground 

And this man became angry o, forming muscle for me, coming down from his tricycle. 

"Hey, look me in the face ooo. I be mad person, better complete my money now or....." 

And that "Or" I heard irked my ear and I lost my cool.

"Or what? Or what?" I asked, getting ready for what his next action would be.

The tricyclist was of small size and short in nature. So, I was convinced that, he can't overpower me. He can't beat me, I'm taller and bolder than him.

So, these qualities of mine made me stood my ground that he must accept the 50 naira, but the guy was proven very stubborn. 

He drew one iron that was inside his tricycle, threatening to hit me with it if I don't complete his money.

But I maintained my ground, I never got intimidated. 

"My money now! I said my money" he shouted angrily, drawing the attention of people around and they gathered to find out what was happening. 

"See this girl oooo. She no wan pay me my money" he narrated 

And one of the guys said, "Anty pay him his money naa....haba"

"Mr Man, don't jump into any issue you know nothing about. You did not even ask for my own side of the story and you meddling into something that does not even concern you" I blasted him

"Ok tell us what happened and why you have refused to pay him?" this handsome dude I was admiring asked so gently

I never stopped admiring his sweet masculine features while his mouth was opening and closing, asking for my own side of the story.

I lost reality for few seconds, wondering who he was, and one guy at my back, delved his smelling mouth, saying that I had nothing reasonable to say, that I have no money to pay and started abusing me.

He called me "ol-osho" and the name rang annoyingly to my ear, I never knew when I turned and replied him "your mother, ol-osho, your sisters, ol-oshos and your daughters ol-oshos" 

He couldn't take my own side of the insult and he tried to hit me, but this handsome dude, stopped him.

'What is your problem? Allow this young lady to air her view, why calling her names?" he asked

Wow! And I was liking this guy the more. He stood up for me, scolding his fellow guy.

"Did you not see what she said? She insulted my mother?" the stupid man raked 

"But you started it first" my handsome guy replied him

He took the words right out of my mouth. That's exactly what I wanted to say, but he gave him a befitting reply.

So after they heard my own side of the story, they almost pounded the tricyclist, calling him a greedy thief.

Everybody around, abhorred him for his greedy attitude and dispersed from the scene, leaving only me, the tricyclist and this cute guy.

"You are greedy. So from that junction you are asking her to pay 500?" the cute guy asked 

"Oga, business na business oo...Make una no spoil my business oo. Let her pay me my money and let me go" the tricyclist insisted 

And the man dipped hand in his pocket and brought out 100 naira.

"This is 100 naira, are you taking it or not?" he asked authoritatively. 

Seeing that he had no choice, he hissed, collecting the money and then zoomed off.

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate" I thanked him wholeheartedly 

"You are welcome" he said, walking inside the bar, to meet with his friend who was waiting for him behind.

"What's your name?" I quickly asked

And he turned, giving me this look.

"Oh my gawd....this guy is so handsome. Just one night stand would do, if he doesn't want it to go far" I said in my heart

"Francis, my name is Francis" he replied 

"My name is Chidiebere." I said, walking to where he was standing.

"Here is my call card. Call me, even if it's one night fantasy, I'm good. You are too handsome to cross my memory without having any intimate relationship. Trust me, I'm very good. You will scream my name aloud" I said, gesturing my feminine se-xy behaviours, still extending my hand for him to collect the card. I noticed him looking down at, my bo-obs. I know how to play my game well to entice men, but only handsome men o, please o...(laughing)

So, I spanned his stick to know if its the size I can handle or manage, but it looked OK. 

And a quickie started playing in my little spoilt head, rounding his stick with my soft hands as his juice kept filling my palms, making it easy for my hand movement. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to bend for him to feel me quickly, but this guy interrupted me by collecting the card. I knew, he noticed I was lusting over him. He should have allowed me enjoy my wild imagination in peace. 

He was good in my head, so, I believed the physical encounter will be marathon. 

After he collected my card, I gave him this wild romantic smile.

"Call me" I added, walking inside the bar, as he turned watching my behind.

I knew, he would never resist my feminine gait. I was lucky to wear my tight leggings with a crop top which I got a day before.

My sexy body made my request more easier. 

He didn't say anything, but I knew he fell for my charm.

Do you want to find out what happened next?

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