Meet the tribe where women are permitted to marry new husband every Year


Meet the tribe where women are permitted to marry new husband every Year

Wodaabe means "people of the taboos" and they were named in regards to their numerous culture which is extremely distasteful to the average person from another part of the world.

They are also known as the Mbororo or Bororo, (meaning: those that live in cattle camps). 

They are small group of Fulani ethnic group, with migrations stretching from southern Niger, through northern Nigeria, northeastern Cameroon, southwestern Chad, western region of the Central African Republic and the northeastern of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Their population as at 2001 was 100,000.

They are famously known for their annual Gerewol Festival, an extravagant display of beauty contests, which had led them being labelled as the vainest group of people in the world 

Wodaabe people prize male beauty over female beauty, and it is the men who spend hours putting their make up on. 

Of course, the women also take a great deal of care in their appearance, but it pales in comparison with the amount of time their menfolk invest in their grooming routines.

Their men apply different varieties of make ups and elaborate jewelleries, perfumes and they take care of their hairs with even better than the women.

In wodaabe, men with long and thick hair are considered as beautiful and such men are affectionately called "kayeejo naawdo" meaning "hurting man". they are so beautiful that it hurts to look at them.

Their men marry at a very tender age and the marriage is usually arranged by parents.

They don't practice mohogamy, so a man and a woman can publicly have lovers while still married to his or her spouse, there's no shame in that but you must be married to only one partner at a time. There is annual festival among the men folks and women preside as judges, the contestants spend months in preparations, from their make up to beautifully designed dresses.

Competition to be the most desirable man is fierce at the Gerewol, and for good reason, when a winner emerges, they sleep with the judges not minding if they're married or not.

Some other contestants also are treated as Celebrities.

Most ladies consent to being ‘stolen’ away from their husband and remarried or just start having an affair.

It is not a Crime for a wife to leave her husband to be remarried to any of the men that contested

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