List of free things you are allowed to take from a Hotel Room when you lodge

List of free things you are allowed to take from a Hotel Room when you lodge

Have you been to a hotel before and wondered what the managers do with some damaged materials in the hotel room, or you might have even lodged in one before, whereby one of the room materials were spoiled while you were using them? Of so you should not panic because some of these things are allowed to be taken if you desire it.

Since a hotel is primarily focused on customer's satisfaction, the competition they often undergo is the battle for optimal satisfaction of customers that lodge or use their hotel facility.

This competition was the main reason that some high ranked hotels often allow their customers to take some things freely from the hotel, whereby these things could also have been imprinted with the hotel name to serve as advert when you use it elsewhere.

However, what you must take note before taking anything from a hotel room is the ranking of the hotel, because you can not expect to take anything from a hotel that is ranked as 1-Star and barely able to provide all the amenities required in a room, you might be charged you do that.

Most 4-Star, 5-Star and some 3-Star hotels allow you to take these things mentioned in the article, without charging you for it, because they have already received the charges from the payment you made for the room.

1. Bathroom Slippers of Flip-flops

These are materials are often made from cheap constituents, therefore their price is negligible, and considering the fact that they do not last more than 2 to 3 customers before the need to change them will arise, they are allowed by rich hotels to be taken freely by their customers.

It would be insulting for a President to wear the same flip-flops that had been worn by someone else when he lodges in a 5-Star hotel, thus the hotel attendant mostly change the footwear once the guest has checked out.

2. Bathrobe

Unlike footwear, bathrobes are more expensive, and some hotels will not allow you to take them without being charged for it, however expensive hotels will allow you to go him with the bathrobes you use while you stay with them.

These types of hotels that allow you to take these robes mostly have their brand name or logo imprinted on the robe already, therefore you would be doing them a favor when you wear it where other people will see it.

3. Papers and Pencil

Most hotels have a study space for you, and these spaces are equipped with writing materials including pencils, pens, envelopes, erasers, which are of course cheap materials that is always replaced by hotel attendants once they notice it missing.

When you take these writing materials, you will not be charged by the hotel room, because you obviously have been charged for this when you were lodging in the hotel.

4. Toothbrushes, Toothpastes, and Mouthwashes 

You will agree that it is not hygiene for any hotel not to change toothbrushes and pastes when a guest checks out, because the next guest to lodge in the room will also use this brush, and that could lead to transfer of diseases, hence it is risky for the hotel. 

This is why toothbrushes and other personal effects are allowed to be taken by guests when they leave, and if they refuse to take them, it is disposed by the hotel attendants. 

5. Beverage Bags

Hotel rooms are furnished with beverages and drinks depending on the preference of their guests. Teabags, coffee sachets etc are usually found inside a hotel room, and they are allowed to be taken by the guest as it is there since they could have drank it while they were still lodged in the room. 

What do you think of this list? Which of these things have you ever taken from a hotel room freely? 

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