If you have these 4 habits, it shows you are still Immature, No 2 can cost you your career

If you have these 4 habits, it shows you are still Immature, No 2 can cost you your career 

It is not surprising that People like to be known for being mature as that will certainly guarantee that you will be loved and respected among your peers.

However, there are times when even though we try, we often come off as being Immature. In this post, we shall analyse 4 different habits that show that one is still immature. Truthfully, if you are still in doubt about your level of immaturity, this post will clear some doubts and questions you might have.

1. You are reactive rather than proactive.

Immaturity is often associated with reactivity.

One might ask, what then is the difference between being reactive and being proactive?

To be reactive is to be ready to react or respond to something else — as opposed to ready to act on one's own. A person who's reactive does things only in response to others. A person who is reactive therefore has no plans or goals of his/her own.

This habit clearly shows that such a person still lacks maturity.

When you are proactive, you take full responsibility for your life and actions, you do things because you want to do them not because some event makes it a necessity that you must do them.

2. You always procrastinate and do not have value for time.

There is a popular saying that, time is money.

Some people do not realise this but time is actually the currency we trade.

A teacher offers his/her time in exchange for money.

A businessman plans his time and ensures that his time suits him and favours his business

Even as an average person, time is something you should never joke with.

People who do not value time do not know that meaning of responsibility and as thus, are immature.

These people procrastinate and never get things done on time.

They attend meetings late and do not plan their time well.

Maturity entails that, you take charge of your time as every second lost cannot be recovered.

3. You are obsessed with Appearance and Dressing even at the expense of more important things.

Dressing good is nice. In fact, there is a saying that you are addressed how you dress. However, when you are obsessed with materials like the choice of clothes to weat, the make up or perfume to wear or even the shoe to put on then you are still Immature.

You have to look beyond these things and focus on what is more important.

Focus on developing your skills.

Focus on your current job and giving your best in all you do.

4. You are ungrateful and do not appreciate things done to you.

Ingratitude is one of the most frowned habits in the African culture.

Right from a tender age, Children are trained to always show appreciation.

I cannot even remember how often I have seen a young boy or girl flogged by their parents because they failed to say 'Thank you' after receiving a present.

If you still lack gratitude, you still have a long way to go in terms of maturity.

You can work on this by first seeing things from the other person's view.

Do you know the sacrifices that person had to do to get that present for you?

Do you know the value of that thing you consider Cheap?

#Note: Value is not just in terms of money.

Always try to say thank you and appreciate people for their Contributions in your life from time to time.

Thank you for going through this article. Do you have other contributions to make? Drop them in the section below as this will help others who are trying to find their way.

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