If you have these 3 gifts in your body congrats, it's a sign of longevity

If you have these 3 gifts in your body congrats, it's a sign of longevity 

With the improvement in science and medical standards, lifespan has been improved. But if you have these 3 signs, then congratulations, you are going to live long. But don't be over excited, all life belongs to God, he decides who lives or who dies. Provided you are in good terms with your maker, then see your life as being longer, but that doesn't mean that others who don't have these qualities won't get to enjoy longevity. Like I mentioned, all life belongs to God. 

Now, read below 

1. Healthy lung capacity

We need a healthy lungs to carry out New City metabolism. If your lung capacity is large and your lungs function also relatively good, then congratulations, your lungs can be used for a relatively long time.

2. Big-minded

The reason that a broad-minded person will live longer is that, when he encounters uncomfortable situations, he will learn to tolerate and see it as part of life. The negative emotions brought about by contradictions will not affect their life. 

3. High sexual impulse

High sexual impulses can also be said to be very energetic or athletic. If you respond quickly during sex play, then you are healthy. 

Other ways to improve your health 

1. Soak your feet in hot water

When soaking your feet, pay attention to the water temperature. It should be about 40 degree. This can help promote blood circulation, soothes the mood. 

2. Quit smoking and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol are actually the two most common foods that damage the body. If you can abstain from these, then Congratulations, you are going to age successfully. 

3. Pay attention to eating

Healthy eating promotes healthy living. 

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