He was rejected twice by his parents for being too ugly, but see what what he did 35 years later

He was rejected twice by his parents for being too ugly, but see what what he did 35 years later 

After being rejected twice by his parents for being too ugly, Jono grows up to be an inspiration and model for many people like him.

Fitness coach, teacher and humanitarian servant, Jono Lancaster has been a light in the path of many people who were born with a similar genetic deformity as his.

Born in Yorkshire, England, Jono was rejected by his parents 36 hours after his birth because according to his doctor, he was too ugly.

Fortune found him however even amid his rejection and genetic deformity as a day-old baby, a woman adopted him from the hospital and tirelessly brought him up the positive way.

What made Jono so ugly was nothing else but a genetic condition known as Treacher Collins Syndrome. This is a genetic disorder that affects the development of the head, particularly the face. It weakens the face bones, allowing little or no cheek bone, droopy eyes, loss of hearing capacity which gets them to wear a hearing aid throughout life, and poor or bad dentition.

This disorder only makes their carrier to look ugly as it does not affect their sense of reasoning, intellect, physical ability or anything else. The only thing that goes with it is lack of self esteem due to bullying from the society which only a highly positive upbringing can cure.

According to a source at www.godtv.com, Jono once revealed that despite his tough growing up and having learnt how his family rejected him and that he also has two siblings who do not know he exists, he went back to reunite with his family, but they rejected him once again.

That was when he set out to fix the lives and emotions of children, adults included who found themselves in his shoes. Among these he made himself a family and in doing this, he found a woman who later married him.

Jono and his wife, Laura Richardson.

This is a picture of little Jono when he was still a toddler.

Growing up according to him was like walking through the paths of thistles and thorns as every side he turned to only hurt him.

He said he gave up hating his face when he was in his twenties after he found out he cannot change his look.

See more of his adulthood pictures below. He has been a teacher, a trainer, an inspiration to both patents and children alike who are affected with a similar disorder.

He travels the world educating victims of the syndrome on how to live their full life with their difference.

Below is a picture of the woman who adopted him and showed him the positive path he is toeing today.

Jono is 35 years today, born in October 1985, he accepted what he cannot change but worked tirelessly hard to change the ones he can which is his believe of who he is.

Today, he is a testimony and a reason why many like him are smiling.

He once wrote a piece of information for people who trolled him on social media, it is worth sharing.

He is fulfilling his purpose today and making positive impacts in people's lives and above all, he is not angry with his parents.

Images credit: Twitter @Jono_Lancaster and Instagram @Jonolanc.

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