Five explained facts about angels and demons your religious teacher is hiding from you

Five explained facts about angels and demons your religious teacher is hiding from you

By Grumpy

Ever since the beginning of knowledge, angels had always been depicted as beautiful life forms taking after the image of little children with eagle wings and Hallos or at times well built up men wearing armours and looking vicious. While demons were believed to carry this goat like kind of image with the hoof toes and hind legs having bat wings to aid them in transportation and movement. Well, Copious theological research had been carried out, and the result happens to speak differently about the ideas many have concerning the form of angels and demons.

Now this article would be serving as an eye opener to the false conceptions many have about divine life forms.

- Demons are beautiful angels are scary. 

Demons and angels are not really what Hollywood has been parading on set. Many may want to think that demons are some kind of hideous gross mutant of some sort. Maybe they are right or maybe they aren't, but are you familiar with the word "succubus"? This particular set of demons appear beautiful and alluring for the purpose of enticing people to feed mainly on their erotic desires causing them to commit since and fall short of grace and Favour.

They don't only appear in real life they also harm individuals in the dream by having intimate intercourse with them. They differ in forms according to the taste of their target. Have u ever had such a dream of making love to an unknown person?

Angels on the other hand are scary, Many might want to criticize such statement due to the fact that their own conception about angels juxtaposes it. Well, it would please me very much to bring to your knowledge that some angels posses odd body features beyond the human imaginations, Take the cherubim for example.

This angle was first introduced in the book of Ezekiel as having a pair of wings, Four heads sharing resemblance with that of a bull, An eagle, A human and a lion, With the legs of a cattle possessing hooves as feet. Not many can behold this sight without screaming in fear or running away, Aside from the cherubim they happen to be another kind of angel said to be before the pathway to the throne, This angel looks similar to a ring object engulfed in flames, covered in eyes with no body or face just a ring like object filled with eyes. Haven't you ever wondered why it is inscribed on the arc when the angels are present "Be not afraid" many tend to run away.

- Not all angels posses wings, They are pure spirit, They are not created in the image of God.

Angels weren't create in the image of God, so picturing them as little babies with wings or beautiful women is another form of delusion, They're basically formless, Since they didn't take after the likeness of God there is a possibility that they don't have two hands or legs or even a head.

Angels are pure spirit with a mind of its own and will, meaning that they can act outside given orders. The fallen angels are sure proof of that. Angels were created to serve as messengers as a matter of fact the meaning of angel is "one who is sent". The whole idea of all angels having wings came strictly from someone's imaginations. Like many wondered how possible it was to travel from heaven to earth and back without any mode of transportation. You'll definitely need wings to do that thus the idea of angels being winged creatures came to life.

- Humans have dominion over angels.

Not everyone knows of this. Many feel humans are subjected to the will of both God and the angels. To bring reality down to everybody's understanding, humans are children of God created in his image and likeness, while angels were created for the sole purpose of running errands, serving the most high and attending to human needs so far the order to do that has been given. One notable quality of a good father Is that, he Picks and puts his children over his servants. And last i recall, God is the father to all humans, that is if you acknowledge him as that.

- Angel are arranged in hierarchy.

Yes they are are arranged in a specific order from highest to lowest, top to bottom. The ranks however are known as choir divide into three in which the first choir consist of; Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones. The rest falls under the second and Third choirs and they are; Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangel and angels.

The demons like any other unit has leaders. They are called the seven princes of hell and they are; Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Satan and Belphagor.

- The story of the fallen angels are true, But the fallen angels aren't demons.

You might say this is old news, That everyone is already familiar with such discovery, I totally agree with you on that, but what many don't know is that, they were two set of fallen angels. The first set led by Lucifer in the rebellion against God. He was accompanied by one third of heavens population who agreed to lend a helping hand in putting his(Lucifer) rebellious scheme to practice. We all know how it ended up.

The second set were the ones led by Shemihazah and Azeal in accordance with the book of Enouch. Although, other Jewish doctrines supposed it to satanail. This set were dismissed from heaven after they went into the daughters of men and their union brought about the champions of the earth and giants. Of course God, couldn't stand such abomination. Their actions moved him to wipe every living things off the surface of the earth, except the containments of Noak's ark. It is believed that the body of the giants were destroyed but their spirit roams around the earth. Such spirits are now recognized as demons.

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