Facts about people who walk fast

Facts about people who walk faster you should know

7 psychological facts about people you should know. Read below 

1, We are subconsciously attracted to people who have the same music taste as we do.

2, People who walk faster are thought of as being more confident, happier than those walking at a slower pace. More creative and tend to have higher IQ

3, People who have an easier time waking up early in the morning are subconsciously more excited about life in general 

4, Intelligent people are more likely to avoid conflicts, which explains why some people notice everything but choose to say nothing. 

5, Shy people usually end up being some of the coolest people you know after you start talking to them. 

6, Intelligent people tend to care less about the opinion of others.

7, People with low self esteem tend to try and humiliate others.

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