Do you have these 7 problems? Then you must be an intelligent person

Do you have these 7 problems? Then you must be an intelligent person

It's a normal thing to know that not everyone is intelligent. There are people that were born naturally as intelligent people with more advanced brains than others. Look at the likes of Albert Einstein, the smartest human being ever in history his brain was way different than that of normal people.

To be intelligent means to be smart and brilliant, it means having the ability to solve complex problems that others might find difficult to solve.

There are several features and characteristics associated with Intelligent people, like the things that differs them from others. I will be listing a few below;

1. Intelligent people are very quiet.

It is very noticeable in most intelligent people, they do not like to talk and they like to avoid noisy places at all time.

2. They do not like to keep many friends.

This is because most intelligent people like to mingle with people just like them who value knowledge and education. They do not like being with people who add nothing to their lives.

3. They do not like to perform in social activities that are not educative.

Social activities like football, track or most others are not of importance to most intelligent people. It is very rare to see a very intelligent individual who is also extremely good in sports.

4. They do not like it when others cheat.

Most intelligent people do not like it when others cheat because they believe that they studied way too hard for someone who didn't study to get to pass too. Most especially when people who cheated get higher marks than them, it is often very painful to them.

5. Most of them do not believe in relationships or love.

This point is self explanatory. Most intelligent people especially young ones do not believe in wasting their time to chase after relationships or love because they know what they want for theirselves.

6. They do not like to fail in anything they do.

This is a very noticeable feature in most intelligent people. They are always the ones who go back to the teacher or lecturers to make corrections about their work. They do not believe in losing any mark.

7. Most Intelligent people often suffer from bullying.

This is very common in high school because other students tend to feel intimidated by most intelligent students and they feel the only way to go about it is to take it all out on them and bully them.

What do you think about this features listed above? Do you possess any of them?

Drop comments or opinions below.

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  1. The bullying part I no understand ,upon their intellectual self yet they made room for bullies to penetrate


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