Category of People who can never get HIV, are you among them? Find out

Category of People who can never get HIV, are you among them? Find out

Since the first case of HIV was reported across the world decades ago, scientists across the globe have been racing against time to find a vaccine to this pandemic.

With all efforts directed towards finding a vaccine and a drug that will end the HIV pandemic once and for all, HIV still remains a mysterious disease.

This is due to the nature of it's infection and the fact that there is a category of people who cannot get the virus, are you among this category?

According to a publication by Daily Nation some days ago, it has been established that there is a group of people who cannot get infected with HIV even after being exposed to it.

This is mainly due to their peculiar genes which make it impossible for the virus to gain entry into a person's immunity.

HIV usually needs to bind itself to specific proteins known as receptors when it enters a person's body.

If one's genes can cause mutation to the HIV then they end up being free from it.

People with these genes therefore avoid getting the virus even after exposure.

These genes are said to be found in People living in North Europe.

This study was established after two people who had HIV and cancer received bone marrow transplant from people with this mutation and they ended up being healed from the virus.

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