Can you believe the Christmas gift singer Flavour gave his sick dying father

See the Christmas gift singer Flavour gave his sick dying father 

Just like I would always say that, the season is the reason why so many people have started receiving gifts from friends and loved ones. It's another Christmas and a lot of people have gotten their gifts already, while some people would still get. One of such people who has received Christmas gift today is Flavour's father, Elder Benjamin Onyemaechi Okoli. Flavour on the other hand loves to always flaunt his father and family gift or no gift. Some of the photos he shared in past are shown below.

Flavour whose full name is Chinedu Okoli, shared lovely photos where he flaunts his father and gave him Christmas gift. Gifts can come in anyway, it could be something that you buy and give to a person and it could be that you someone whom you missed for a long time visited you. On the other hand, it could be someone playing music with a musical instrument to sing for you. This is the exact Christmas gift that Flavour gave to his father few hours ago.

He is seen in the photos holding a musical instrument known as guitar, and he was sitting in a position holding and playing the guitar while he gives his father a melodious song. Flavour on the other hand didn't fail to flaunt his father in lovely photos despite the fact that he is old. Old and aged people deserve to be happy too. From the photos that Flavour flaunted, you could tell that his father was really enjoying the Christmas gift he got for him which was the song he was singing. 

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