9 things you must never apply on your face if you don't want to spoil your beauty

9 things you must never apply on your face if you don't want to spoil your beauty 

People first notice your facial appearance before admiring other parts of your body. So, in order to maintain a charming facial expressions, see things you should avoid on your face, which includes warm water

1. Avoid lemon on your face: 

This can cause burns when exposed to sunlight. 

2. Avoid body lotion on the face: 

The name is, body lotion and not face lotion. Ask your beautician for a good facial cream.

3. Avoid hot water on your face: 

hot water is harsh on the skin, and long usage can blemish your skin

4. Don't use toothpaste on your face: 

many persons believe toothpaste helps remove stretch marks and some other skin issues, but please, whatever you do with toothpaste on your skin, let it not cross your face, if you truly admire your beauty. 

5. Don't try baking soda on your face:

baking soda is not ideal to use on the face, not even as an ingredient for facial masks or treatment. Don't let anyone deceive you.

6. Avoid hair spray touching your face: 

hair sprays can cause irritation when come in contact with the skin, especially for people with sensitive skin. When spraying the hair, make sure to avoid it touching your face

7. Mayonnaise on your face? No!

Mayonnaise can clog tiny pores on your face and can lead to break out.

8. Please, stop using shampoo on your face: 

Shampoo is good for your hair, but too harsh on your facial skin.

9, And if you are using organic cream or soap, make sure to find out the contents, that is, the ingredients they used in making the soap. Many are mixing hair relaxer in their products and this is going to destroy your face and body, eventually. Their reason, is for quick skin whitening, but at the long run, it's always a disaster on the skin.

The best solution, is to buy and mix them yourself, to be sure of what you are using. 

If you think you need help with the items or need an expert to make a good organic soap for you, let us know in the comment section below or contact us through this email, xperiawithngozilove@gmail.com 

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