8 signs you are a secretly intelligent person, stop doubting yourself

8 signs you are a very intelligent person

Intelligent is not measured by IQ level or examination. It's demonstrated by our personality and lifestyle.

Are you curious to find out if you are among the intelligent ones? Now, let's begin.

1, Romance doesn't come easy for you - 

Highly intelligent people often have difficulties lasting in a relationship. 

If you are in this level, I believe your parents or friends have probably advised you to lower your standards. Understanding that everyone can't be as smart as you are and they all have their differences can help you sustain that relationship you wish to have. 

2, Great sense of humour - 

Do you know humour is linked to intelligent? How else does one easily crack a hilarious joke and make people crack their ribs?

Everyone loves someone who can make them laugh. It makes you more approachable, attractive and someone fun to be around.

3, You are empathetic - 

Being empathetic makes one a kind and great friend and it also linked to higher level of intelligence. The ability to respond according to other people's emotions, from happiness to sadness is not something everybody can easily do. People with low level of intelligence are unable to identify or show concern for other people's emotions. 

Showing empathy reveals you are someone who can read through people and their emotions by analysing their verbal and body language.

4, You are a Night Owl 

It's generally thought that people who wake up early are more productive, energetic, motivated and above all, better than people who wake up late.

However, research proves that, if you tend to stay up late at night and sleep into the next day, you might secretly be an intelligent person. According to a study published by Personality and Individual Differences in 2009, shows that people with higher level of intelligence stayed up and wake up later in the day, regardless of whether it was a week day or weekend. 

5, You Worry a lot - 

You get anxious when you don't have your homework done on time or when you fail to make a good impression. While constantly feeling worried might not be a good quality a person should have, but according to Doctor Edward from Psychology Today, a study done on 126 undergraduates, regarding how often they find themselves feeling worried reveals that, those who tend to worry a lot more than others are more verberly intelligent. Which meant, they were able to analyse and process information, read and write at higher level. 

6, You are a messy person - 

Is your space always unorganized? 

According to a study conducted by Dr. Kathleen Vohs, from University of Minnesota Carlson school of management, intelligent people are not always bothered about having a clean bed or tidy room. If you find out you are someone who can work in a clustered room and without much care for tidyness, you are more likely innovative and full of ideas

7, You are a Procrastinator - 

Procrastination is a sign that, you have a creative imaginative mind. One who can analyse, process, visualise different scenarios and circumstances.

When it comes to procrastination, you approach the task at hand in a different way, instead of focusing on the end result, you are visualizing the entire process you have to go through, before reaching conclusion. This could be thinking about every single step you have to take, including the things that could go wrong. 

This overwhelming thoughts help to tackle the difficulties you will encounter while performing the task, because you have already sorted them in your mind. 

8, Victim of Jealousy - 

You keep falling victim to jealousy.

You keep comparing your own success with success of others and see yourself as not being smart enough.

Maybe, you are overlooking the gift and talent you have.

People with low intelligence always post any little accomplishments of theirs, but high intelligent people always feel they are not yet worthy enough and that more are expected from them. They are more introverted with their own achievements. 

Tell us in the comment section below if you possess any of these qualities. 

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