4 years after she performed surgery because she was called "4:30" Eyes, see how looks now

4 years after she performed surgery because she was called "4:30" Eyes, see how looks now by Reign Jerry

The worst experience to ever have is been bullied or body shamed as this has a way of bringing one's self-esteem down, making them to start thinking less of themselves to be less attractive or relevant to the society. While growing up, some kids fought the battle of depression after they were laughed out or mocked by their friends and for some family members. This bullying and body shaming has made most people to become suicidal in an attempt to take their lives since their appearance have been mocked.

For some people, they were able to scale through all the hurdles of body shaming and bullying which made them to grow strong. A lady named Chika Osolu shared her sad story of how she survived being mocked for having strabismus, also known as cross eyes or half past four.

This lady revealed that she preformed a surgery on February 22, 2016 after she was called Anya, 4:30 eyes. Even her family members and friends also mocked her with the name. I could imagine them nicknaming her as 4:30 eyes instead of the name given to her by her parents. Chika Osolu probably was bullied while in school and maybe most times when she offended someone, they call her 4:30 eyes so she can become sober.

She revealed that she penned down all her anger, sadness and depression for years and the mother happens to see it, which she said broke her heart and started crying with her daughter. The mother loved her so much and even when she was being mocked, she never gave up on her.

This lady after speaking with her father and telling him how she was bullied and mocked resolved within herself to correct it so as to look different and send a message to all her mockers. To the glory of God, the surgery was successful and Chika Osolu normal eyes were restored.

Strabismus can be caused by problems with the muscle of the eye with nerves that control eye muscles, or with the brain. Strabismus can also develop due to health conditions or an injury in the eye. It can also be hereditary as well. In all these, this lady stood strong as she has totally transformed into a beautiful and gorgeous lady and one would doubt is she ones had strabismus.

Below are the photos of this lady who miraculously transformed from someone with crossed eyes, to someone with normal eyes.

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