3 years after Mercy Aigbe got assaulted & underwent a face surgery, see her looks now (images)


3 years after Mercy Aigbe got assaulted & underwent a face surgery, checkout Her looks now (images)

Mercy Aigbe was a victim of domestic violence, but she was lucky to walk out of the abusive marriage with her life. 

Mercy was married to Lanre Gentry but the marriage was riden with violence. Lanre assaulted Mercy on several occasions, even in public, inflicting her with serious wounds and cuts which resulted to Mercy having surgery.

It was reported that Lanre Gentry and Mercy Aigbe had a disagreement which escalated into Lanre laying his hands on Mercy and injuring her on the face. This wasn't the first time Lanre would beat Mercy. 

According to the interview she had with The PUNCH Newspaper in 2017, Mercy stated it clearly that Lanre Gentry had beaten her in several times, one of the notable moment was the one that happened in 2013 when Mercy was beaten in public by her husband Lanre. But this was covered up with a video the couple released few days after the news started circulating.

However, after the assault of 2017 between the couple, Mercy Aigbe disassociated herself from her husband, promised not to return to him again.

She also had to visit an Oral and Maxilloficial Surgeon in United Kingdom for a Surgery after she was beaten by her husband.

After Mercy Underwent the Maxilloficial (Face) Surgery, she became more beautiful and stunning.

Her looks now have completely swallowed up the bad experience she had 3 years ago.

See Some of the recent Beautiful Photos of the actress below.

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