1000 years from now, see scientific evolutions that will make humans live forever

1000 years from now, see scientific evolutions that will make humans live forever by Ikara-lodestar

With the rise in technology day by day, and the evolution of humans into a more advanced society, one can clearly see how day by day people are isolating religion. And believing in the non existence of God. 

Though, some people are as a result of hardship, but that's no excuse to forsake God and dwell more in the proofs of his non existence. Well here are some scientific achievements that might guarantee Human beings the ability to live forever in 1000 Years From Now.

1. Immortality In 1000 years

we could download our consciousnesses upload it into a robot; and live forever through it. Isn't that just amazing, but the problem is you might get bored.

You might just get tired of leaving, so if you think the other way round, this is kinda not really cool.

2. Prosthetics

Prosthesis can function better and also stronger. Future prosthetics will not just be for disabled but also for those who want to improve their function.

With these technology you will be able to replace any part of your body you wish to. You can live as long as you wish, and still retain your youth.

 3. Gene Changes In future

it will be easier to pick your genes and make desirable traits more dominant. Which means, more people will be taller, stronger and faster.

Just imagine editing yourself as if you are editing a photo. You can give your child special skills and features like wings by just editing his gene.

But that's kinda a very sinful thing to do.

4. Merge with Technology

After millions of years of biological evolution, the next big evolution comes with the technology.

Future humans will be more advanced with the help of AI. That means, connecting our brains with computers.

Imagine connecting your brain with computer that's just incredible and am not sure if religion will approve this. 

Do you want to live forever? Let's hear you

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