10 reasons Nigeria is better than Canada

10 reasons Nigeria is better than Canada

As the topic says. I would be giving you 10 reasons why Nigeria is better than Canada. I think I have enough experience to talk about this topic because I’ve lived in both countries. 

N.B: all what I’m going to be talking about is going to be from my personal experience.

1. Schools are generally cheaper in Nigeria unlike Canada. 

In Nigeria schooling is highly subsidised unlike Canada where we pay thousands of Canadian dollars per semester. As an international student in Canada you are most likely to pay 15k while local students are to pay 3k and most are financed by student loans which they have to pay back over the years 

2. Electricity is cheaper in Nigeria than in Canada.

In Nigeria we buy electricity for 44 naira per kilo watts while in Canada you know how expensive it is and we would still pay tax again. In Canada I use 80CAD for electricity a month and I’d pay extra 13% on it 

3. Healthcare is cheaper in Nigeria than in Canada:

I know many people would be saying it’s free in Canada; no it’s not true because we all have health insurance which we pay for. Unlike in Nigeria where the government has totally subsidised it. We still pay out of our own money in case you do not know 

4. You can never feel lonely in Nigeria unlike Canada: 

Nigeria is fun to be in because it’s the culture we grew up with. When you come over to Canada, it would not be easy to get used to their culture as it might seem strange to you 

5. The weather in Nigeria is better than that of Canada: 

Nigeria has very good weather unlike that of Canada which could be extremely cold as Bleep.

6. The price of petrol in Nigeria is cheaper than in Canada: 

In Nigeria, you can use 5000 naira fuel in a week, but in Canada you can use 100 CAD worth of fuel in a week

7. Getting African food is cheaper in Nigeria than Canada: 

You don’t need a prophet to tell you about this. It easier to get your traditional food in Nigeria than Canada. You can buy garri for like 12CAD.

8. Accommodation is far cheaper in Nigeria unlike Canada: 

In Nigeria you can see a good accommodation of 3bed room for 500k per year; while in Canada you’d see a one bedroom for 800CAD / month 

9. Data is cheap in Nigeria unlike Canada: 

In Nigeria you can get a gig for like 500 naira, while in Canada I spend close to 45CAD monthly to call and use the internet 

10. Finally, it is easier to bargain in Nigeria than Canada. In Canada the prices are fixed, but Nigeria we can still beat the price down. 

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