Why doctors don't allow people with tattoos to donate blood

Why doctors don't allow people with tattoos to donate blood

First of all let me define was blood transfusion means.

Blood Transfusion is a way of increasing the blood level of a body after an illness or injury especially if your body is missing one or more components that make up healthy blood, blood transfusion can help supply what the body is missing.

During the process of blood transfusion, you may need to have a transfusion that uses whole blood but it's more likely you will need a specific component because blood is made up of different part including red and white cells, plasma and platelets. The components I mean is your blood might be either A,B,AB or O otherwise antibodies in your blood will attack it and cause problems.

Now to answer the question above, according to most clinical practitioners, the rule of thumb is if you have a tatoo, you can only donate blood one year after getting it.

This is because when a foreign material like ink or metal is introduced to the body, it affects one's immune system and may expose the person to harmful viruses which can affect the person's blood stream and makes the blood donation unsuccessful since the blood is already compromised.

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