The Mystery of Marine Spirits and how they came to be

 The Mystery of Marine Spirits and how they came to be

God created the Universe and all that has life. The most important aspect we would be focusing on is the Creation of Waters. The Bible tells us that in the book of Genesis, the spirit of God moved upon the surface of the waters( Genesis 1:2b). Thus water has been in existence before the creation of planets and heavenly bodies.

Now there was rebellion in the host of the heaven and Lucifer( Devil) was the leader of the rebellion after convincing some angels in heaven, as a result of this Lucifer and the rebellious angels were expelled from Heaven and they became fallen angels. Some fell into the sea and this was where the problem of mankind began after the introduction of Sin into the world and the existence of demonic spirits in the waters called the Marine spirits. Even the Bible knew that the inhabitants of the Earth were in trouble as said in the book of Revelation 12: 12 which says:

Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Wow to the inhabitants of the Earth and of the Sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

This passage tells us especially that the Devil has come into the sea with great wrath, but the devil cannot perform this evil task alone, then he recruits agents to carry out his work to steal, kill and destroy destinies(John 10:10) and these agents are called Marine agents. Now who are Marine agents? They are spirits who come most especially in feminine form to capture marriages, destinies, glories, destroy homes, destroy great men of destinies and they answer directly to the Queen of the coast who answers directly to the devil.

They are very wicked spirits and their aim is to drag people to the Kingdom of darkness and truncate bright and glorious destinies. A biblical example that fell into the hands of this wicked Marine spirits was Samson. Delilah was a philistine lady who served Dagon who is represented by half man, half fish. Delilah was appeased by the Philistines with silver to destroy his life, this clearly shows that in this passage Delilah was a marine agent. She was able to lure Samson to sleep on her lap, convinced him to tell him the secret of his power. This caused the downfall of Samson.

Marine spirits are behind Dog spirits, prostitution, witchcraft, pornography, sexual perversion, spirit husband and wife(Incubbi and Succubi), occultism, Jezebel spirits( the spirit that hunts spiritual leaders like prophets and so on).


1) You are a sex addict. Marine spirits curse your urge and you find out that without sex you can't be normal, you are in trouble.

2) Pornography. Watching porn is the order of the day to get pleasure. Pornography is being dedicated to marine powers and the Queen of coast, anyone who watches it falls into captivity of marine powers.

3) Spirit husband and spirit wife. Do you dream that you have sex regularly in the dream. Marine spirits are at work.

4) Do you look into the river and you feel like falling into the river, marine spirits have taken some virtues into the sea.

5) Evil soul ties with deities or water spirits.

6) Evil convenants. etc.

To break free from the captivity of marine powers, surrender your life totally to Christ, be a prayer warriors and avoid watching clips or videos that contains sexual activity to pollute your destiny. 

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