That substance that appears on your eyes every morning when you wake up, see what is causing it

Do you know that substance that appears on your eyes every morning when you wake up? See what it is and what is causing it.

Has it ever occurred to you what is this substance that accumulates at the corner of your eyes every morning when you wake up? You are going to find out in this article and why it appears much in the morning.

It is referred to as‘ rheum’/eye boogers by the eye doctors, this eye discharge is a combination of mucus, skincells, oils anddust. While rheum doesn't cause any trouble while you are awake as it gets cleaned away with your blinking, it may however signify the health status of your eyes


It is true that every human being produces the mucus that causes eye boogers. This is normal in healthy eyes. However, some changes in lifestyle or eye health may cause the eyes to produce excess mucus. These changes can also make it more likely that the rheum sticks to the eyes.

Causes of excess mucus include:

1) Excessive use of eye products such as cosmetics or contact lenses which may irritate the eyes and cause them to produce more mucus.

2) Exposure to dirt. When the eyes are exposed to dirt, the eyes will be forced to produce extra mucus that can be used to clean the eyes and get rid of the dirt.

3) Weather/season. Some people produce more discharge at certain times of the year, such as during allergy season or cold weather.

How to tell if your eyes are healthy.

You can easily tell when your eyes are in good state by just observing your rheum for healthy eyes, rheum is clear or light yellow. It may be hard, sludgy, or thin after sleeping, but should NOT be noticeable during the day.

If the mucus is very thick, green, dark yellow or occurs with pain or redness in the eyes, it could be a sign of an eye infection. Anyone with these symptoms should see an eye doctor quickly.

How To clean it

The correct way to get rid of these eye boogers is to wash your face with lukewarm water. You can also wet a washcloth in warm water and gently wipe the eye crusts away. 

Having known that it can therefore be deduced that;

1) The white gunk seen in the human eyes in the morning is known as Rheum / eye boogers.

2) Eye boogers are made of mucus,skincells, oils and dust

3) Eye boogers may be produced in excess excess depending on the weather, exposure to dirt and sensitive eye products.

4) You can tell the health status of your eyes depending on the amount, color and quantityof eye boogers your eyes are producing.

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