Stop throwing away orange peels, you can make money with it, or use it for beauty

Stop throwing away orange peels, you can make money with it, or use it for beauty

Orange peels are considered waste until now. After eating the fleshy part of the orange, I used to tear my orange peels, until I find an online article that teaches me the transformation of this secular waste (orange peel) into an enhanced substantial beauty and a source of more money to increase my income.

I found it very easy to find out more about orange peel powder production by just reading a post, and I think you can easily understand and use this whole concept too as cocoa oil is sold at a very high price, I will show you how to make a great price from your orange peel. All you have to do is pick the skins of the orange (not the spoiled). And wait until the end of the piece to learn how to make good use. Thank you.

Now, do you know that the nutrient level in the orange peel is higher than the nutrient amount in the fleshy portion you are eating? Yeah, that's why your health and beauty skin is really healthy. Here are some properties which make your skin healthy and beautiful orange peel really good:

1. It is a normal purifier of the skin

As it is applied to your skin, it reaches your skin and purifies it with support to extract particles of dust, pus, oils, powder, and any other contaminants from the skin, to enhance its shine and make it appear good.

2. Orange has the potential to help tighten the skin, to reduce the excess oil deposits on your skin, to dry out any acne, boils, and pimples: it is a natural skin astringent.

It is also effective in preventing pimple formation. 

3. It's a natural skin toner, and it refreshes the skin directly after it is applied, minimized pores, and thus helps prevent pollution and dust from being trapped. Your skin looks always white.

4. Enhances the skin's blood circulation:

Because of its ability to make your skin "pepperish sensation" feel, it can increase your skin's blood flow, allowing enough nutrients to enter your skin's cells and thus nutritionally enhancing your skin's health.


1. Before peeling, wash the oranges thoroughly. Make sure you cut them carefully so that the white flesh part is not included.

2. Slice in smaller parts the fresh orange peels:

3. Then the orange peel is dried in the sunlight and typically takes 3 to 4 days to dry properly, although it can take less depending on your area's environment.

Make sure that you spread it over a plate and cover it with a thin, not too tight net so that it would not keep the sun from touching the skins. The net would also prevent the interaction between insects and dust particles.

4. Gather them in a bowl, ready to be grinding or blending, depending upon the equipment you are using after you have thoroughly dried them.

5. Grind the orange peels dried in such a way to a fine powder. A clean stone grinder or a mixer may be used. Until grinding it, make sure that there are no dust or dirt particles in the orange peels.

If you're consistent in this way, then you'll do well otherwise you might melt it a little more..

The orange powder Is great for:

1. Oily skin

2. Stubborn issues with blackheads

3. Decoloration of the skin, pimple scars and blemishes on the face or dark spots

4. Making your skin tone lighter, and

5. Smoother and smoother the skin.

That said it's like using orange powder to improve your beauty:

What do you need?

1. Orange peel powder

2. Honey

3. Milk.


1. Mix two spoons of orange peel powder with one spoon of milk and one spoon of honey for a single serving.

2. Mix and apply thoroughly to your face or every other part of the body you want to handle.

3. Enable it to remain on your face for 10 to 15 minutes until it dries out. 4. Then gently clean your face until all the mixture has completely vanished.

5. Then dry your face, and to moisturize it, add a little oil.

6. Do this at night for three days for the best performance.

This blend is a natural blemish remover, or dark spots, pimples/acne, which also helps improve your face's smoothness and softness and makes your skin glow.

As cheap as it is to the best of my knowledge, it is very successful.

I manage and sell coconut oil personally, (if you want to learn how to make cocoa oil, go to my account and scroll down, you will find it or you will find it – "Learn how to make your own coconut oil at home in 5 easy steps" on the opera news app).). I have the choice of making money with orange peel powder.

I sell N1000 a small bottle of cocoa oil and take from every sale a profit of N600, and started selling my orange peel powder only when I noticed that a lot of people were interested in it.

At present, I sell my orange peel powder for N500 for ten spoons, and the benefit is big. You could make as many as N20,000 of the weekly orange peel powder when you put as much time and commitment as I do, and you produce enough powders. Every week after I went into it, I make between 15 and 20 000 naira myself.

Note: You need a good selling expert skill to make good sales for beginners. The reality is that many people want these things (coconut oil, orange peel powder etc.), but maybe they don't have the time to do it, so they are still willing to pay good money.

So you can start by seeing orange sellers, and you can collect orange peels from them to make money with them if you're like me and want not to sit at home doing anything.

CREDIT - Madam Tessy

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