See what humans will look like in the future as Evolution continues

See what humans will look like in the future as Evolution continues

Scientists at the University of York and the University of Washington have determined that human beings have not yet stopped evolving, according to Curiousmos

The human face as we know it today is vastly different from what our homo sapien ancestors looked like.

“The basic form of the human face emerged about two million years ago and the changes, since then, have accentuated the gradual reduction of factions,” says Erik Trinkaus, a professor of anthropology at the University of Washington in America.

Our ancestors had big imposing foreheads, a prominent mouth, and a powerful chin. This was because they had to be intimidating to animals to fight for territory and hunt for food.

Due to our changed societal changes as humans, our brains have started to develop differently and will change our faces to be friendlier and make our eyes bigger.

According to a paleolithic archaeologist at the York University, “Our eyes are very close together and look forward and we have smaller teeth. That is, the physical characteristics of our face are unusual in nature."

Science shows that, because we are able to recognize faces, our eyes will become bigger. Because we use our brains more than our physical abilities, our heads will become bigger. Our mouths and chins will also be much smaller because our diets that we eat are sophisticated and also have an effect on our facial appearance.

This leads scientists to estimate that humans of the future will be evolved to look like young children, even as they grow into adults.

This picture below shows what the human of the future will likely look like.

Credit - Curiosmos

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