How to get long, slim and sexy fingers in 10 days

images of beautiful nails

How to get long, slim and sexy fingers in 10 days

When we talk about beauty, we also include those sexy slim fingers with attractive nail makeover.

Have you noticed how fat fingers look on polished nails or artificial nails?

images of ugly nails
Not so fine, right?

Yes, no woman likes to look unattractive. Here is a step to make your fingers more slimmer and beautiful as seen in images below. 

1, Exercise your fingers regularly and stretch them. 

Do this by squeezing your fingers tightly and releasing them, stretch them very wide. Repeat this exercise for 40 seconds

2, Press your fingers against the floor or on a surface. Press and release, press hard and release. Repeat this exercise for 40 seconds 

3, Pick your fingers one after the other and stretch them upwards, 5 times each. Repeat the process for 5 times on all the fingers. 

4, Hold the five fingers at once and stretch them up. Keep them up for 40 seconds, then release and repeat same in the other fingers.

5, Press the fingers against one another and stretch hard. Do this for 50 seconds 

6, Hold firm, make a fist and stretch out the fingers as if you are making a circle with your palms, and then hold tight. Release them again and continue the process.

Do this exercise twice daily, you will starts seeing results in 7 days.

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