You think it's innocent? See how snail meat can kill you or cause sickness

We have heard many atimes, about entire family not waking up from sleep after consuming a particular food in the night, more occurrence in Nigeria. Maybe, they ate something they shouldn't have. It all boils down to cooking your food very well before consuming them.

Most Africans, especially, Rural area dwellers not only recognize this creature but also touch, play or even make a meal of it.

Before I clear your doubt and give you reasons why you should be more or less stay as far away as possible from the African Giant Snail, let's get a quick introduction on this animal. 

The African Giant Snail is an invertebrate animal of the Phylum, Mollusca. As the name suggests, it is from the Eastern region of Africa, predominately Kenya and Tanzania. Due to it's nature, it has been able to spread and survive in far away locations like the US and the South American continent. 

They feed on a wide variety of plants, fruits, paper, even sand and so much more.

The African Giant Snail is a Haemophrodite. By this, I mean that they have have both male and female sex organs. Although they have both organs, they still mate with each other. They are able to lay up to 200 eggs at a go and the eggs reach adulthood in just six months. They generally live up to ten years .

Now, you must be keen to find out how on earth this harmless and innocents looking creature could cause even the minute of harms to anyone, not to mention getting one killed. Let me break it down from indirect to direct ways in which they could affect you. 

Firstly, these snails are invasive pests (they spread quickly undesirably and in a harmful way). Most humans don't like seeing these animals around the house but due to their ability to procreate very fast, getting rid of them becomes a almost impossible. Programs to get rid of them in the United States have been on for years now and is still on and I really wouldn't say that they are winning the fight. 

Coming to the area of Agriculture, they are destructive as like I said before, they feed on different kinds of vegetables and fruits. This affects man because crops which have been planted for human consumption are messed up by these organism. 

It literally feeds on just about anything as it feeds on Stucco. A refined kind of concrete used in building houses in more advanced countries. 

Now, you are probably of the opinion that none on these affects you directly. Wait for it... 

African Giant Snails produce a Slimy substance wherever they go. This slime contains a nematode. Its a parasite known as the Rat-lungworm, they are minute and very difficult to spot. If these parasite get into the body, through the circulatory system, they get to your brain and cause an ailment known as eosinophilic meningitis. 

How do this Slime get into our Body? 

Since these snails feed on most of our vegetables, traces of these slime can be found on them and when they are consumed by man, they go to work in the brain. 

Also, they produce slime and it is still on parts of their body, presumptuously below the shell. When you or your kids touch them, they stick to your hands and from there, they find their way into your body, especially when you touch parts of your body that lead to your insides like your nose or when you eat without washing your hands. 

Most people eat and use snails for meat. Infact, snails are being reared and sold for food consumption. For those who take part in eating snails, uncooked or barely-cooked snails are harmful to you. They nematode finds their way inside your body. 

The Worst of It All

I hear that Snail slime is now the new salvation for women as regards having and maintaining a smooth and clear face. People use it as treatment for skin problems such as Acne and Pimples. They rub these slime all over their face, forgetting that it could easily get into your mouth, eye or nose. 

Here is the deal, if you are not careful, you would likely develop a headache, numbness, muscles problems and if severe, coma and unfortunately, death. 

How Do You Save Yourself

You already know that these animals are invasive but that wouldn't stop you fron trying to get rid of them. Make sure to keep your surroundings very neat. Get rid of little dirts that could lure their presence and build them a home. 

Make sure you or any little one stay away from them or dispose them with care. Wash your hands well after this. 

Incase you eat them, make sure to cook them very well to make sure of the inactivity of the nematode. 

Do you use their slime to moisturize your skin, find better alternatives or atleast make sure they don't get access to your insides. 

Now you know why you should be careful around this creature, so many other people don't. Do well to share to as many as you can inorder to save lives. 

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