She is a pastor but her lifestyle will shock you. Meet Reverend Lucy

Who said A Lady pastor or Minister Can't have a normal Flamboyant Lifestyle? or Who said its a Sin to show off How much blessings God Has bestowed upon You? We Africans always Have this misconception 'that a Pastor or Wife of the Pastor has to live a non showy or Non flashy lifestyle, and should dress in Long and non attractive Garments'. Well, Here is a lady pastor Who Has Change the view of many.

Meet Reverend Lucy Natasha, the Founder and the overseer of 'the prophetic latter Glory ministries international' located in Kenya, Pastor Lucy is regarded as "one of the Hottest Female pastor in Africa" .

Reverend Lucy Natasha has been one the most influential and young preachers to have emerged in Recent

Rev Lucy who born on 24 July( although no one knows her birth year) is the first child in her family ,raised by her Mother alone. Rev Lucy who was ordained as a minister in 2011 ,has shared the gospel over all the continents.


The young Dynamic Reverend is Still Single and she made known that she's searching as well ,that she would love to Have a family with the Right Adam sent By God. She added in an Interview that the man doesn't have to be a Pastor, or Rich, that she doesn't mind if he's Broke ,as long as his not Lazy( that is to say she looks forward for a man with Vision)

Source of Wealth

Reverend Lucy Natasha is One with high standard of Living which has raised many to Criticize, she insisted that she doesn't depend on the offerings from her Church to Live a lavish lifestyle, That as an entrepreneur ,She has written many books that have sold globally as an author.

See more adorable photos of hers below

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