See the wedding photos of the Couple that got married inside water

We keep seeing crazy things with each passing day. Trust me, you haven't seen this before. 

A young couple, did the unthinkable by getting married in the most unusual way. The duo, who are actually in love decided to get married and shocking the world. They were joined by their guest who followed them to the water, but did not enter with them.

They stood by the side, and helped the couple to get into the water. They couple had tanks filled with oxygen with them, so to enable them breath under water. The couple went direct to the bottom of the river, where they had already set their alter for the ceremony. They already had their wedding cake ready, along with their Pastor to join them together.

The newly married couple took their vows, and were joined together in Holy Matrimony, and even signed their wedding certificate inside the world, and there after took pictures with their officiating Pastor.

 Some praised their actions, while some called them Papa and Maami water spirits.

What do you think of this, do you see them as normal people?

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