Remember the guy that did 26 surgeries to look like superman? See how he looks now

Herbert Chavez is a good example of someone who can go to the extreme to look and become like a super hero. Incase you haven't heard of him, here is a short biography of him. 

Herbert Chavez is a Filipino fashion designer, he is a native of Calamba in Laguna, Phillipines. Herbert started watching superman movies when he was just 3 years old, he became a very big fan. According to him, he watched superman every Saturday morning and admired Christopher Reeve, the actor who played the role of Superman in Superman II. 

When Herbert was young, all his belongings like his clothes, mat, shower curtain, plates were all superman themed.

It took Herbert 26 painful surgeries to look like superman, he has also gone to the extent of wearing blue contact lense because his natural eye colour is brown. 

Herbert gets greatly paid to make appearances as Philippine superman.

He went to the extent of changing everything about him that does not look like Superman in him. I wonder how he feels when he look at the mirror just to see a completely different person. Some people can really go to the extreme to achieve what they want.

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