Meet the hairiest girl who decided to shave after meeting the love of her Life (images)

Hello everyone as I bring to you another interesting topic as it is my joy to share with you my latest finds.

Rememering the world's hairiest girl who was said to have shaved her face hair after marrying the love of her life.

Some years ago, a 17 years old girl named Supatra 'Natty' sasuphan from thailand emerge as the world's Guinness record holder as the hairiest girl in the year 2010.

She is commonly known as "Wereworlf Symdrome". Supatra suffers from a rare genetic condition Ambras Syndrome.

Her condition simply means that, she has excessive hair growth all over her body, including her face according to a research.

Unfortunately doctors have not been able to find a cure to such sufferers of this syndrome. So, supatra just have to embrace her condition and learn to live with it despite been called different names in school including Wolf girl and Chewbacca.

Interestingly she said, she never allowed the names get over her since her family and friends have always supported her.

She finally decided to always be shaving regularly after marrying her husband whose name was not mention.

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