Meet 3 Nollywood stars who lost their legs but never give up acting

These celebrities listed below were not born disabled. They met a tragic incident that kept them in that condition. And unfortunately, one of them has passed away. 

1. Doris Samuel Akonanya

She is a very talented actress regardless of her condition, she still acts and didn't allow it to ruin her career. According to Doris she said she lost her leg in a fatal car accident at the age of 13

Doris story should be a motivation for us, for Doris to have come this far it's a testimony and also her family supports her as well.

2. Peter Eneh

Peter Eneh was one of the most popular Nollywood veteran actor who passed away before he died he lost his leg due to sickness and because of the pain he experienced with the amputated leg he passed away, so sad.

3.Tunde Alabi

In 2016 one of Nollywood's veteran actor who is known as Tunde Alabi lost his leg due to sickness. The news broke out that the actor was seriously sick and his leg would be amputated due to the sickness complications.

Some kind hearted Nigerians contributed financially for his treatment but unfortunately his leg was still amputated. In a popular interview as at 2018, Tunde said in his own words:

"They said I had diabetics, which I believe could not have been responsible for it. It was more of a spiritual attack. This was carried out by an irascible fellow actor in his 80s.."

As a human being waking up and staying healthy is not by our power nor our might but by the special grace of God. I'll urge readers to always thank God if not for anything but for the grace that have kept you alive till this very day.

You can show your appreciation to God in the comments section below.

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