If you notice these 3 things in any Keke Napep, stay away for your own safety

One of the means of transportation apart from boarding public vehicles is entering or boarding a Keke Napep. Most Keke riders have filled up the transportation business thus making most cities in Nigeria to be filled with Keke Napeps.

Most Nigerians love boarding Keke Napeps because of how comfortable it is and I am certain most of you are familiar with what I am saying. But like every other thing, criminals, evil people have also made their way into the business to perpetrate evil on unsuspecting individuals. In this article, we are going to be having a look at the 3 things you should watch out for in every Keke Napep to avoid falling prey to evil doers.

1. If the Keke Rider and The Passengers ask you to sit in the middle: this is a dangerous movement. Don't agree simply because they told you to do so because they could also be part of the evil gang planning to either abduct you or use you for any other diabolical purposes. Don't get me wrong though, I am not saying anytime you are asked to sit in the middle that it means you will be harmed, but take it more seriously when both the rider and the so called passengers collectively ask you to sit in the middle of two other passengers.

They do this most times to make it easier for them to abduct or do something evil to you without been disturbed by your resistance.

2. If the Keke Rider Tries to Follow an Unnecessary Shortcut: I put it this way because some shortcuts are necessary. Some are unnecessary in the sense that the main road may not be congested and the rider intentionally tries to follow a shortcut, that's a dangerous move. If you are in such a Keke Napep, immediately the rider tries to divert in a remote shortcut, immediately ask him to alight you if you care about your life.

In some unfortunate cases, the rider takes such people to remote areas and either rapes the person if a lady or abduct the person and ask for ransom from the person's family. Please this is a serious tip you should take seriously to avoid being hurt.

3. If Other passengers start discussing something like a business idea and ask for your input: this is another tricky method, most fraudulent Keke riders employ to scam unsuspecting individuals. Most times they make use of charm while discussing and deliberating in the Keke Napep of which immediately you interfere or give your input as regards their discussion, you get charmed and their wish becomes your command.

Immediately you enter a Keke Napep and the passengers start discussing a business idea and start trying their best to get your own idea, please alight from such a ride immediately if you don't want to scammed. This method has been used to scam alot of individuals off their monies and I decided to share it with my viewers today.

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