Don't throw corn cobs away, you can make real money with them after reading this

Most people don't know one thing is that the corn cob is food, That is, I mean, a business. Corn cob is sold on different online sites while we eat our own here and throw it into the bush or the bins of waste. After reading these you will never throw away corn hub.

Let see some of the uses of corn cobs.

1. Live stock feeds: 

Corn hub can be used in feeding and rearing of animals. Dry and grounded cobs of maize are good feed for livestock such as sheep , goats, and rams. 

2. Cooking: 

Corn cob can be use to prepare food, such as, smoking of fish or meat. You need to try this. The taste is out of this world. I can give you the procedure, if you are interested.

3. They can be sold online and make real cash. Alibaba sells them. You can contact and be supplying to them.

5. Industrial use: 

Modern industrial products made from maize cobs are, oil and hazardous waste absorbents, insecticides, fertilizers, tumbling and blasting grits. Cobs, as well as maize stalks, are beginning to be used to produce ethanol. So you can consider dealing on them.

If you wonder why an ordinary corn cobs are being priced up to $ 200, that's the explanation..

Hope you learnt from this. Don't ever throw it away and don't forget to share

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