Do this to lighten your face without expensive creams or chemicals

Everybody loves potatoes. We can prepare it in many forms, fried, chips, porridge etc. Do you know that potato is also good for skin whitening? 

Because of the presence of vitamins in potatoes, it helps to reduce premature aging of the face, reduce the age spots and pigmentation. It also helps to build collagen which improves health.

So, Yes, potatoes can help you lighten the skin naturally without spending much and also help you get that glowing skin we all secretly desired without chemicals.

It will help treat your dark spots, acne scars, pimples, and marks. The starch present in potato reduces pigmentation and enhances your natural glow.

The things needed are just four pieces of potatoes either Irish potatoes or the regular ones. I know this may seem strange to you, but the method gives visible results within a week. 

It will naturally lighten the overall complexion of the face. An additional benefits is that, it tightens the skin. You will feel the effect after applying for the first.  


1. Wash the potatoes well with light sponge to remove diets.

2. Peel and cut into smaller chunks. 

3. Blend with either rose water or just small water. If you don't have blender, use grater. You can add honey to it if you so desire.

4. Apply a thin layer to your face. This will give your face a spaghetti look. It is advised to apply at nights before going to bed.

5. Allow for about 30 - 40 minutes. You will experiencing a tingling sensation while the mixture is drying on the face. It is normal and this shows it is working.

6. Wash your face with lukewarm water after 40 minutes. The longer the mixture stays on the face, the brighter. But I will advise you to stick to the 40 minutes. 

7. Do this for 7 consecutive days and see a clear result. 

This is far more better than using chemicals to lighten your skin.

If you don't want to do the facemask, cut the potatoes in a thin circular shape and place them on your face.

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