Avoid Garden egg if you have these medical conditions

Garden egg is a typical edible African fruit, also used as a vegetable in cooking. Garden eggs have several health and medical advantages, as it contains nutrients that are essentially good for the heart. They also contain fibers that stimulate healthy bowel movements.

However, garden eggs are not so good for persons with certain medical conditions like:


Excessive consumption of garden eggs by people suffering from diabetes ailment may lead to hypoglycemia, a critical medical condition characterized by dangerously low sugar levels in the body. A patient could suffer loss of vital brain function if left unattended after suffering from a hypoglycemic attack.

Stomach ulcer and Indigestion

Patients with stomach ulcers and Indigestion problems should do well to stay away from garden eggs, especially white ones, as they alter bowel movements too, causing pain and terrible discomfort to the patient.

Moderation is always the key, but if you can't moderate, there are other healthy foods you can substitute for garden eggs and still enjoy them.

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