As the World mourns Black Panther's death, see his recent photos while battling with cancer

It's with deep sense of grief that the Hollywood industry and the world at large are mourning the death of one of it's legendary stars who featured in the epic, world class and most loved movie titled: Black Panther.

He has skyrocketed to fame In the role of King TChalla in 2018. But then, in case you do not know, his real name is Chadwick Boseman and not black panther.

He is reported to have died yesterday being Friday after a long battle with colon cancer for four years.

As a super star that he is, Boseman had never spoken a word to the public or anyone concerning his health challenge except his family. I guess that's why his death came as a rude shock and surprise to everyone.

He died in his house in Los Angeles with family members and loved ones beside him.

See some photos below that proved he was very ill before death.

Of recent, fans have expressed concerns over the obvious weight loss by the legend, he was always seen walking with a stick, wearing scarf around his face and also with a hood to cover his head.

Millions of fans have also voiced out concerns after he appeared very thin in a video he posted on social media. People kept wishing him quick recovery but unfortunately he never recovered.

It was after he posted that video that people started seeing him walking along side his mother to a nearby cafe with his face covered up.

Oh our dear black panther, we will so miss you. Sadly death is a reality we all have to face, we wear created from the dust and certainly to the dust we shall return. May you find a resting place in heaven while we run our own race before time catches up with us.

Rest in peace beloved brother and black panther.

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